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Oriental Yeast India

Oriental Yeast India Private Limited (OY India) is a subsidiary of Oriental Yeast Co. (OYC) and Nisshin Seifun Group, Japan and comes from a legacy that spans almost 100 years.

At OY India, we aim to offer the best-in-class products for bakery, distillery, food and pharma sectors.

We have set up a Yeast manufacturing facility at Kesurdi, near Pune, Maharashtra. Some of its unique features:
  • One of the largest fresh Yeast plants in Asia 
  • Built to the highest food safety standards
  • A state-of-the-art facility that ensures ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ environmental compliance
To know more about our India journey, visit About Us.
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90 +
Years Of experience
10,000 +
different Yeast strains
Bioproducts are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 by BSI


We have selected a range of Yeast strains after extensive research on localised baking recipes and processes. Our fresh Yeast is available in multiple packaging formats, suitable for different applications.

Bakery Ingredients

Our bakery ingredients are designed to suit Indian wheat flour conditions. Our range of bakery ingredients aid in dough development, improve texture and enhance taste while extending the shelf-life of your final baked goods.
Yeast Bakery Ingredients

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