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Our Legacy

Founded in 1929, Oriental Yeast Co Ltd. is Japan’s first baker’s Yeast manufacturer. Since then OYC has expanded into several other products and established itself as the market leader in Yeast and baking ingredients in Japan.
First manufacturing plant in Tokyo
First product was introduced to the Japanese market
Setup Microbiological culture medium business
Nagahama Institute for biochemical science constructed
Oriental Yeast India was established jointly with Nisshin Seifun Group Inc. in Mumbai, India
Oriental Yeast India established one of Asia’s largest greenfield yeast manufacturing plant near Pune, India


Oriental Yeast India (OY India)

OY India was established in 2012, as a 100% subsidiary of Oriental Yeast Company, (OYC) and Nisshin Seifun Group, Japan. We offer best-in-class Yeast to baking, distillery and allied industries. The biochemical division offers enzymes and substrates that are key development ingredients for several medical and clinical products. OY India’s product line extends beyond Yeast into a range of bread improvers and cake gels. We ensure that our products are a perfect fit for the specific baking needs of our customers.
Watanabe Hajime
Based on the philosophy of contributing to human health through our multidimensional business, Oriental Yeast India aims to adapt the bio and food technologies developed in Japan to the Indian market and contribute to the “Make in India” initiative. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you.
Watanabe Hajime
Managing Director
Oriental Yeast India Private Limited

Make in India Plant

We have established a global-scale Yeast plant near Pune, India to cater to the growth of the baking and distillery industries. Leveraging Japanese technology, we at OY India manufacture products that are adapted to the Indian market, based on customer insights and in-depth product research. Spread across 40 acres in Kesurdi, Pune, the facility has a production capacity of 33,000 MT of fresh Yeast per annum. Our manufacturing facility has many unique features, a few being:
One of the largest fresh Yeast plants in Asia 
Built to the highest food safety standards
A state-of-the-art facility that ensures ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ environmental compliance
Using technology as our backbone we are committed to building the future of the food and biochemical industry in India working hand in hand with individuals and large corporations.

 Vision and Mission

Our Vision
To be a market leader in the bakery, distillery, biochemical, and allied industries by creating a sustainable business that follows the highest level of food safety and environmental compliance standards.
Our Mission
To create value for our stakeholders through innovation and by offering superior products and services.

Core Values

Customer First
Enabling customers to succeed in their business, by providing the right product for the right application
Strong Organisational Ethics
Focus on enabling a strong work community through a culture of innovation
Focus on continuous improvement
Committed to continued research and development to provide better products to consumers
Relationship-Driven interactions
Drive growth by constant interaction and collaboration with customers, suppliers and stakeholders, to create an environment of excellence