KOBO Bakery Ingredients are designed to handle a wide range of geographical and seasonal variability of the wheat flour.
Designed for Indian Wheat Flour
Robust and versatile to suit Indian wheat flour types. Calibrated to handle seasonal and geographic variability of flour
Adapted for Indian Baking Conditions
Products are adapted to suit Indian recipes, equipment and baking conditions. Meets global quality standards.
Products for Every Baking Need
Food scientists from Japan and India have collaborated to develop the range. Products meet the requirements of both industrial and artisanal bakers.
Expert Guidance at Your Service
Technical and application experts to guide and assist. Will help in optimising dough development, texture and finish of the final product.
Quality that Wins You Customers
Enable you to create top-quality products for your consumers. Increase your customer retention rate which helps grow your business.

Product Categories

Bread Improvers
Our bread improver range aids in dough development, improves texture and enhances volume while extending the shelf life of the final baked product.

Multi-functional bread improvers

JBake Conc.40
Net Weight   :  20Kg & 5kg
Concentrated Improver - Enhances the volume, oven spring, uniform crumb colour & texture of the bread
JBake Platinum
Net Weight   :  1Kg & 20Kg
All Purpose Improver; Premium bread improver to make the finest quality bread
JBake Flour Enhancer
Net Weight   :  5 Kg & 20 Kg
Enhances the flour quality to reduce or eliminate gluten usage.
JBake Special
Net Weight   :  5 Kg & 1 Kg
Conventional Improver; Aids in dough development and improves volume of the bread
JBake Conc.50
Net Weight   :  20 Kg & 5 Kg
A high performance concentrated improver
JBake 300
Net Weight   :  20 Kg & 1 Kg
All purpose Improver; Enhances volume, crumb color and texture of the bread
JBake 1000
Net Weight   :  5 Kg & 20 Kg
Premium Improver; Provides excellent softness, volume and texture to the dough

Product specific improvers

JBake Bun
Net Weight   :  1Kg, 5Kg & 20Kg
Specialised Bun Improver; Superior quality bread with enhanced, height, stability & texture
JBake Pav
Net Weight   :  1 Kg
Specially designed for Pav recipes that require high stability of dough during long fermentation hours
JBake Atta
Net Weight   :  1 Kg & 20 Kg
Whole wheat bread improver; Bakes upto 100% whole wheat with improved volume
JBake Rusk
Net Weight   :  1 Kg & 20 Kg
Specialised Rusk improver; Superior quality rusk with reduced dough weight

Customised bread improvers

JBake Custom
Net Weight   :  20 Kg
We customize bread improvers for large mechanised bakeries. Please contact our applications support team for details.