Diploma Engineer Trainee Production – Fermentation

Location: Kesurdi (Pune)


Roles & Responsibilities  

  • 1) Responsible for operating the Molasses Section / Fermentation Section/ Separation Section.  
  • 2) Handle the manpower in the section involving the contract workers.  
  • 3) Follow instructions from the supervisory staff quickly and precisely in the shifts.  
  • 4) Be a team player and work hand in hand with other operators.  
  • 5) Should be ready to work in any section of the plant based on the requirements and instructions from the supervisors.  
  • 6) Follow the SOP provided for the smooth operation of the equipment and process plant.  
  • 7) Follow instructions and communicate with DCS operators for the smooth operation of the plant.  
  • 8) Take samples and perform tests as per SOP and instruction from the supervisor to ensure the process is progressing properly.  
  • 9) Ensure no wastage in the operation of the section.  
  • 10) No shortcuts or hiding of any information or manipulating the information.  
  • 11) Perform all the washing or cleaning functions as per requirements, ensuring the machines are clean and ready to begin operations.  
  • 12) To ensure the equipment is clean and the surrounding area near the section is also kept clean at all times.  
  • 13) Warning signals and alarms are to be discussed with the immediate supervisor and corrective action is to be taken.  
  • 14) Regulate or turn off machines in emergency situations and immediately report to the immediate supervisor.  
  • 15) Report to the manager with all the issues faced in his shift.  
  • 16) Should maintain the documentation like production log book/maintenance log book/  Quality related issues in his shift.  
  • 17) Follow the Health and Safety policies laid down by the company at all times to prevent injury.  
  • 18) Follow the Food Safety regulations and policies of the company. 
  • 19) Reporting to the DCS Engineer/Shift Officer. 

Qualification & Experience:

  • 1. Diploma in Chemical Engineering
  • 2. 0 to 2 Years of experience in the relevant field

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